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Muslim baby boy Names

In the Islamic religion getting married is considered the main part of the religion and some even say 50% of the faith. Having a groom is important for ones wellbeing and life. In the Muslim faith having and beginning a family is encouraged.

When baby ladies and boys are born it is important to select a name with a great meaning.


Whether you’re searching for Muslim guy names from a or Muslim baby boy Names from s, finding that significant name right for you can be involved. Here you can see over 300 Muslim boy names for kids. Muslim boy names unique & Muslim boy names new is what this article contains. You can also find Muslim baby boy Names with meanings here and the best Muslim boy names 2019 & Muslim baby boy Names 2018.

Muslim baby boy Names start by A

Aadil: Just

Aamir: Populous, Full, Prosperous

Aarif: Acquainted, Knowledgable

Aasim: Protector

Aayan: God’s Gift

Abaan: Old Arabic Name

Abbas: Stern, Lion

Abdul Azeem: Servant Of The MightyMUSLIM BABY BOY NAMES

Abdul-Aalee: Servant Of The Most High

Abdul-Aleem: Servant Of The Omniscient

Abdul-Azeez: Servant Of The Mighty, The Powerful

Abdul-Baari: Servant Of The Creator

Abdul-Baasit: Servant Of The Extender, Creator

Abdul-Fataah: Servant Of The Opener (Of The Gates Of Sustenance)

Abdul-Ghafaar: Servant Of The Forgiver

Abdul-Ghafoor: Servant Of The Forgiver

Abdul-Haady: Servant Of The Guide

Abdul-Haafiz: Servant Of The Protector

Abdul-Hakam: Servant Of The Arbitrator

Abdul-Hakeem: Servant Of The Wise

Abdul-Haleem: Servant Of The Mild, Patient

Abdul-Hameed: Servant Of The Praiseworthy, The Ever-Praised

Abdul-Haq: Servant Of The Truth

Abdul-Haseeb: Servant Of The Respected, Esteemed

Abdul-Jabaar: Servant Of The Mighty

Abdul-Jaleel Servant Of The Great, Revered

Abdul-Kareem: Servant Of The Noble, Generous

Abdul-Khaaliq Servant Of The Creator

Abdul-Lateef: Servant Of The Kind

Abdul-Majeed: Servant Of The Glorious

Abdul-Mateen: Servant Of The Firm, Strong

Abdul-Muhaimin: Servant Of The Supervising, The Guardian, The Protector

Abdul-Mujeeb: Servant Of The Responder

Abdul-Mutaal: Servant Of The Most High

Abdul-Nasser: Servant Of The Helper, Granting Victory

Abdul-Qaadir: Servant Of The Capable

Abdul-Qahaar: Servant Of The Subduer, The Almighty

Abdul-Qudoos: Servant Of The Most Holy

Abdul-Raheem: Servant Of The Most Compassionate

Abdul-Rahmaan: Servant Of The Mercifully Gracious

Abdul-Raouf: Servant Of The Most Merciful

Abdul-Rasheed: Servant Of The Rightly Guided

Abdul-Razaaq: Servant Of The Maintainer, The Provider

Abdul-Saboor: Servant Of The Patient

Abdul-Salaam: Servant Of The Peace

Abdul-Samad: Servant Of The Eternal

Abdul-Samee’: Servant Of The All-Hearing

Abdul-Shakoor: Servant Of The Most Thankful

Abdul-Tawaab: Servant Of The Forgiver

Abdul-Waahid: Servant Of The One

Abdul-Wadood: Servant Of The Loving

Abdul-Wahaab: Servant Of The Giver

Abdullah: Servant Of God

Abed: Worshipper

Abedin: Worshippers

Abu Bakr: The Companion Of Prophet Muhammad

Abul Khayr: One Who Does Good

Adeel: Virtuous, One Who Acts With Justice And Fairness

Adham: Black

Adnan: One Who Settles For A Long Time In A Place

Afan: Chaste, Modest

Afeef: Chaste, Modest

Afreen: Beautiful

Ahmad: Commendable, Praiseworthy

Ahsan: The Best, The Most Beautiful

Akram: Most Generous

Al Abbas: Description Of A Lion

Alaa: Nobility, Excellence

Alaa Udeen: Excellence Of Religion

Ali: Excellent, Noble

Ameen: Faithful, Trustworthy

Amir: Ruler, Prince

Amjad: More Glorious

Ammaar: Life, Long-Lived

Amr: Old Arabic Name

Anas: Friendliness

Anees: Close Friend

Aqib: Successor

Arham: Compassionate, Kind

Arif: Knowledgeable

Arsalan: Lion, Fearless

Arsh: Dominion, Crown

Arshad: Rightly-Guided

Aryan: One Who Belongs To The Noble People

Asad: Lion

Ashar: One Who Has Wisdom

Ashraf: More Honorable

Asif: Strong, Powerful, Fierce

Asim: Guardian, Protector

Ataa: Gift

Atif: Compassionate, Sympathetic

Awad: Reward, Compensation

Aws: Name Of A Tree

Ayaan: God’s Gift

Ayan: Time, Era, Epoch

Ayman: Lucky, On The Right

Ayoob: A Prophet’s Name

Ayyan: Time, Era, Epoch

Azaan: Call For Worship, Announcement

Azhar: The Most Shining, Luminous

Azzaam: Determined, Resolved

Muslim baby boy Names start by B


Baahir: Dazzling, Brilliant

Baasim: Smiling

Badr Udeen: Full Moon Of The Faith

Baha: Beautiful, Magnificent

Baha Udeen: The Magnificent Of The Faith

Bahiy Udeen: The Magnificent Of The Faith

Basaam: Smiling

Basel: Brave

Bashaar: Bringer Of Glad Tidings

Bilal: The Prophet’s Muezzin(Person Who Calls To Prayer)

Bishr: Joy

Burhaan: Proof

Muslim baby boy Names start by D


Danish: Name Of One Of The Prophet’s Companions

Daniyal: Intelligent

Dawoud: A Prophet’s Name

Dhul Fiqaar: The Name Of The Prophet’s Sword

Diyaa Udeen: Brightness Of The Faith

Muslim baby boy Names start by F


Faakhir: Proud, Excellent

Faaris: Horseman, Knight

Faarooq: He Who Distinguishes Truth From Falsehood

Fadi: Redeemer

Fadl: Outstanding, Honorable

Fadl Ullah: The Excellence Of GodMUSLIM BABY BOY NAMES

Fahad: Panther, Leopard

Faisal: Judge, Decisive Ruler

Faizan: Great Grace, Charity, Great Beneficence

Fakhry: Honorary

Fareed: Unique

Farhan: Happy, Joyous, Rejoicing

Faris: Perspicacity

Fateen: Clever, Smart

Fawaz: Successful

Fidaa: Redemption, Sacrifice

Fuad: Heart

Muslim baby boy Names start by G


Ghaalib: Victor

Ghaazi: Conqueror

Ghasaan: Old Arabic Name

Ghiyaath: Succorer

Muslim baby boy Names start by H


Haady: Guiding To The Right

Haamid: Praising (God), Loving (God)

Haani: Happy, Delighted, Content

Haarith: Plowman, Old Arabic Name

Haaroon: A Prophet’s Name

Haashim: Generosity

Haatim: Judge

Haider: Lion

Hammad: One Who Praises

Hamza: Lion, Strong, Steadfast

Haris: Guardian, Watchman

Hasan: To Be Beautiful, To Be Good

Haseeb: Noble, Respected

Hashir: One Who Assembles

Hassaan: Beautiful

Haytham: Young Hawk

Houd: A Prophet’s Name

Humam: Courageous And Generous

Husaam: Sword

Husaam Udeen: The Sword Of The Faith

Hussain: Beautiful, Handsome

Huthayfa: Old Arabic Name

Huzaifa: Name Of One Of The Prophet’s (Pbuh) Companions

Muslim baby boy Names start by I

Ibraheem: A Prophet’s Name

Idrees: A Prophet’s Name

Iesa: A Prophet’s Name

Ihsaan: Beneficence

Ikrimah: Female Of A Pigeon

Imaad: Support, Pillar

Imaad Udeen: The Pillar Of The Faith

Imraan: A Prophet’s Name

Imran: Exalted Nation

Irfaan: Wisdom

Is-haaq: A Prophet’s Name

Isaam: Safeguard

Ismaael: A Prophet’s Name

Izz Udeen: Might Of The Faith

Muslim baby boy Names start by J


Jaabir: Consoler, Comforter

Jaafar: Rivulet

Jalaal: Glory Of The Faith

Jamaal: Beauty

Jamaal Udeen: Beauty Of The Faith

Jameel: Beautiful

Javed: Eternal

Jawad: Openhanded, Generous

Jihad: Strive

Junaid: Soldier, Warrior

Muslim baby boy Names start by K

Kaamil: Perfect

Kamal: Perfection

Kamran: Successful, Blessed, Fortunate

Kareem: Generous, Noble

Kashif: Discoverer, Pioneer

Khair Udeen: The Good Of The Faith

Khairy: Charitable, Beneficent

Khaldoon: Old Arabic Name

Khaleel: Friend

Khalid: Eternal

Khuzaymah: Old Arabic Name

Muslim baby boy Names start by L

Labeeb: Sensible, Intelligent

Laraib: Faultless, Without A Doubt

Lu’ay: Proper Name

Luqmaan: A Prophet’s Name

Lutfi: Kind And Friendly

Muslim baby boy Names start by M

Ma’d: An Old Arabian Tribe’s Name

Ma’n: Benefit

Maahir: Skilled

Maaz: Brave Man

Maazin: Proper Name

Mahdy: Guided To The Right Path

Mahmoud: Praised

Majd: Glory

Majd Udeen: The Glory Of The Faith

Majdy: Glorious

Makeen: Strong, Firm

Mamdouh: One Who Is Commended, Praised, Glorified

Mamnoon: Trustworthy

Mansour: Aided (By God), Victorious

Marwan: Old Arabic Name

Marzouq: Blessed (By God), Fortunate

Masoud: Happy, Lucky

Maysarah: Ease, Comfort

Meerab: Water-Master

Misbaah: Lamp

Mohsin: Helper, Humanitarian

Moosa: A Prophet’s Name

Muaath: Protected

Muayid: Supported

Mufeed: Useful

Muhammad: The Most Praised One

Muhannad: Sword

Muhsin: Beneficent, Charitable

Muhtady: Rightly Guided

Mujaahid: Fighter (In The Way Of Allah)

Mukhtaar: Chosen

Muneer: Brilliant, Shining

Muntasir: Victorious

Munthir: Warner, Cautioner

Murtadhy: Satisfied, Content

Musad: Unfettered Camel

Muslim: Submitting Himself To God

Mustafa: Chosen (One Of The Prophet Muhammad’s Names)

Mutaa: Obeyed

Mutasim: Adhering (To Faith, To God)

Mutazz: Proud, Mighty

Mutee: Obedient

Muwafaq: Successful

Muslim baby boy Names start by N

Naa’il: Acquirer, Earner

Naadir: Dear, Rare

Naajy: Safe


Naathim: Arranger, Adjuster

Nabeeh: Noble, Outstanding

Nabeel: Noble, Distinguished

Nabhan: Noble, Outstanding

Nadeem: Companion, Friend

Naeem: Comfort, Ease, Tranquil

Najeeb: Of Noble Descent

Najm Udeen: The Star Of The Faith

Naseem: Fresh Air

Nasser Udeen: Protector Of The Faith

Natheer: Warner

Nawfal: Generous, Old Arabic Name For The Sea

Nazeeh: Pure, Chaste

Noman: Men With All Blessings Of Allah

Nooh: A Prophet’s Name

Noor Udeen: Brightness Of The Faith

Noori: Shining

Nu’man: (Blood) Old Arabic Name

Muslim baby boy Names start by O

Omar: Life, Long Living

Omeir: Long Living

Omran: Solid Structure

Ossama: One Of The Names Of The Lion

Owais: Little Wolf

Muslim baby boy Names start by Q

Qasim: Divider

Qatadah: A Hardwood Tree

Qays: Firm

Qudamah: Courage

Qutaybah: Irritable, Impatient

Muslim baby boy Names start by R



Raamiz: Symbol

Raatib: Arranger

Rabah: Gainer

Rabee’: Spring

Rafee’: Kind Friend

Ragheb: Desirous

Rajab: The Seventh Month Of The Muslim Year

Rami: Archer Or Good Marksman

Rashad: Integrity Of Conduct

Rashid: Rightly Guided, Having The True Faith

Rayan: A Gate In Paradise Dedicated To Those Who Fast Often, Splendor

Ridha: Contentment

Riyadh: Gardens

Rohaan: Spiritual, Kind-Hearted

Muslim baby boy Names start by S

Saabir: Patient

Saad: Happiness, Good Luck

Saahir: Wakeful

Saajid: One Who Worships God

Saalih: Good, RighteousMUSLIM BABY BOY NAMES

Saariyah: Clouds At Night

Sabeeh: Beautiful

Saeed: Happy, Rivulet

Safiy: Best Friend

Safwan: Old Arabic Name (Rocks)

Sajid: One Who Prostrates

Salah: Righteousness

Salah Udeen: The Righteousness Of The Faith

Saleem: Safe, Righteous, True, Perfect

Salmaan: Safe, Pure From Any Illness

Sameer: Pleasant Companion, Good Friend

Sami: Elevated, Sublime, Supreme

Samir: Entertaining Companion

Sana: To Glow, To Shine

Saqib: Shining Star

Sayf Udeen: Sword Of The Faith

Sayid: Master

Shaady: Singer

Shafeeq: Compassionate, Tender

Shahbaz: Royal Falcon

Shahid: Witness

Shahzad: Prince

Shahzaib: Crown Of A King, Like A King

Shareef: Distinguished, Noble

Shayan: Worthy, Deserving, Meriting

Shihab: Flame, Blaze

Shoaib: One Who Shows The Right Path, To Guide

Siraaj: Lamp, Light

Sohail: Sun

Subhy: Early Morning

Sufian: Fast-Moving, Light, Nimble

Suhail: Name Of A Star

Suhayb: Of Reddish Hair Or Complexion

Sulayman: A Prophet’s Name

Suoud: Good Luck

Muslim baby boy Names start by T

Taahir: Chaste, Modest

Taamir: One Who Knows Dates

Talal: Nice, Admirable

Talha: Kind Of Tree

Tamam: Generous

Tareef: Rare, Uncommon

Tarfah: Kind Of Tree

Tariq: Name Of A Star

Tawfeeq: Success, Reconciliation

Taymullah: Servant Of God

Tayseer: Facilitation

Thaabit: Firm

Thaqib: Shooting Star

Muslim baby boy Names start by U

Ubaadah: Old Arabic Name

Ubaidah: Servant Of God

Ubay: Old Arabic Name

Umaarah: Old Arabic Name

Umair: Life, Long-Lived

Umar: Old Arabic Name (Second Khalifah)

Uqbah: The End Of Everything

Usaamah: Description Of A Lion

Usama: Lion

Usman: Snake, Name Of The Third Caliph, One Of The Companions Of Muhammad (Pbuh)

Utbah: Old Arabic Name

Muslim baby boy Names start by W

Waa’il: Coming Back (For Shelter)

Waahid: Single, Exclusively, Unequalled

Wadee’:Calm, Peaceful

Wafeeq: Successful

Waleed: Newborn Child

Wajeeh: Noble

Waliyudeen: Supporter Of The Faith

Waliyullah: Supporter Of God

Waqas; Brave Warrior

Waseem: Graceful, Good Looking

Muslim baby boy Names start by Y

Yaaseen: One Of The Prophet Muhammad’s Names

Yahyaa: A Prophet’s Name
Yasaar: Ease, Wealth

Yasir: To Become Easy

Yazeed: To Increase, Grow, Enhance

Yaman: Proper Name

Yoonus: A Prophet’s Name

Yoosuf: A Prophet’s Name

Muslim baby boy Names start by Z

Zaafir: Victorious

Zaahid: Abstemious, Ascetic

Zaahir: Islabright, Shining

Zahid: Devoted To God

Zain: Handsome, Beautiful

Zakariya: A Prophet’s Name

Zakiy: Pure

Zayan: Beautifier, One Who Makes Things Beautiful

Zayd: Super abundance

Zeeshan: Dignified, Respected
Zohaib: Leader, King

Zubair: Strong, Powerful

Zuhayr: Bright

Ziyad: Superabundance

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